Today I Pray

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(Republished with permission from Press Service International, for Christian Today Australia )  

The sun is rising, and hues of intrepid orange start to explore the edges of the bedroom curtain. Morning is here and a new day has started. The worries of yesterday and errant past no longer need to linger. The new day is a new start, a new chance and a fresh slate. Today, I pray.

In light of yesterday

Yesterday is gone, but not wasted. The experience of past days with their victories and challenges are an essential make-up of our character. It is through the storm that we may learn to find peace, through hurt that we may know comfort, through anxiety that we may discover identity. Some of yesterday’s wounds may continue to bruise, but they will not destroy.

Today I pray,
Let me live and forgive,
Let me grow in humility
And lean on God’s strength.
Let me learn from mistakes,
But be free from fear.
Let me hope instead,
Let me persevere.

In seeing today

There is purpose in our everyday, whether full of tasks or blank in the books. We have words to speak, places to be, a heart to feel and eyes to see. Just where will God lead us today, and how will we shine for Him. What new revelation might we glean from God’s word? What new vision of our Maker will we discover?

Today I pray,
God reveal Yourself.
Show me Your hands at work.
Let words of grace and encouragement
Be foremost upon my lips.
Help me be brave, bold and wise,
Help me stand for the truth.
Let me behold my God as King,
And serve Him wholeheartedly.

In waiting for tomorrow

Tomorrow awaits with its possibilities. We might not know the future, but God holds it in His hands. With God, time becomes timeless, etched into eternity. Seasons of life impatiently yearned for, unending trouble, times of joy we don’t want to release; what else to do but to trust God who knows.

Today I pray,
God be my guide,
God be my Lord, my everything.
Show me the paths you have planned for me.
Let me walk them faithfully.
Today I pray that I will stay
Firm in love and surrendered faith.

Why pray?

Yesterday, today, tomorrow; the earth continues to spin. We carry burdens, navigate busy days, plan for the future, face uncertainties, witness both the joys and pains of life on this yet imperfect earth. Sometimes, it all feels overwhelming. There is so much to pray for, and there are so many needs.

A breath and a reminder; God knows.

He sees it all and He has a plan. He formed each person with love and purpose. He knows the deception and pain of sin. He knows every need that there is in the world, every worry, injustice and cry for help. God knows, even when we don’t notice, and even when we forget. We pray and remember that God is hope. We pray and remember that God delivers people into life and freedom. We pray when we don’t understand the hurt, and as we pray, we trust in God who sees, knows and always works for good and for justice.

A breath and a reminder; God is.

God is omnipotent with unrivalled strength. He is omniscient with insight far beyond our own. He is omnipresent and nothing is beyond His grasp. He is God, seated as King over all and worthy to be worshipped. We ask for our needs in prayer, but we also ought to simply adore Him. Take a step back to stand in awe of God who is both glorious and approachable. As we walk the life He has given us, let us worship first of all.

A breath and a reminder; rejoice.

To pray without ceasing, continually giving thanks to God. To rejoice and hold on to hope in trying times, even when the world seems bleak, and even when we do not understand. Let us rejoice because the world’s pain is only temporary. Let us rejoice in God who is everlasting, full of love, and who reigns over all. Let us rejoice because God heals, redeems and is worthy of praise.

Today I pray,
Let me rejoice always,
In remembering my God who saves.
Help me lay down my life,
And surrender my pride.
Help me worship and hope,
Throughout every day.

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” (1 Thessalonians chapter 5, verses 16-18)

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