Clothing the Church P2: Conflict and Forgiveness

CONQUER CONFLICT WITH FORGIVENESS Possibly one of the greatest causes of dissension in the church, conflict can separate and destroy relationships. The Bible mentions multiple examples of conflict – Saul and David, Paul and Barnabas, Paul and Peter, the Hebrews and the Hellenists. Conflict can isolate and offend, but it can also grow us in … More Clothing the Church P2: Conflict and Forgiveness

Dating Jesus

Valentine’s Day has come and gone for the year. Hubby and I have been working odd shifts but we found time to have a dinner, walk and prayer outing. On the day itself, we each prepared a little surprise – one is blooming beautifully in a vase, the other we are still completing. I love … More Dating Jesus

After One Year

We have fast arrived at that little milestone of a first year wedding anniversary. In the past year, many things have happened, and as we celebrated our anniversary, we reflected on the past year. There were particular things we were thankful for, ways in which we had grown, practical tips we had learnt, and a … More After One Year

“I do” to who?

This weekend, my husband and I attended a health update conference. The last speaker spoke about relationships, giving advice about how we could counsel our patients towards lasting relationships and marriages. In the last three weeks, our church has been going through principles for a healthy marriage. There is a large industry committed to relationship … More “I do” to who?