Unqualified Faith

(Republished with permission – this article initially appeared on Christian Today Australia) Faith traverses mountains of impossibility and valleys of disappointment. It encounters both peace and chaos. As we strive to live for Christ, we may at times feel unqualified in our witness; not enough knowledge or experience, failure, or a lack of reach. Yet, … More Unqualified Faith

The Unqualified

Have you ever had to do something you felt unqualified for? You may have been thinking, “Why me?”, “Is this really ok?”, “What should I do?” When God asks us to do something, we can be confident that it will never be outside our capability because the God who made us knows exactly what we … More The Unqualified


God takes our unfulfilled desires and transforms them in His joy. He hears, He answers and He blesses beyond what we can imagine. Hannah was a woman who experienced disappointment and hurt, but saw God come through for her in an amazing way. She asked for a baby, and God gave her more. He opened … More H A N N A H

Could it be joy?

Shepherd to hero, fugitive to king, greatly loved but also greatly disciplined, at peace and at war; this was the life of King David. It always amazes me to look at David’s life, marvel at the stressors he must have experienced, and yet see the joy and hope he maintained in God. Alongside David, Paul … More Could it be joy?