Moving Walls

.   .   . When I was a young boy, my mother took me to visit papa. We used to sing to him, clasp his cold hands, stare into the globes of his eyeballs. All the while, I wondered where he truly was. His eyes were not simply staring; rather, it was as if they were … More Moving Walls

My Father (poem)

My Father, and yours, Of the nations and shores; Who made all things beautiful, Whose standard is more. More life in abundance, More joy overflowed In His dance of deliverance, When death bowed down low. A ring to remember That His way is better; A cloak to conceal Wounds that grace will heal. No orphans … More My Father (poem)


We are all falling, all descending; down, down, down into the recesses of life. We can’t see everything, but everything is there. We can’t see the bottom, but it will be there. Sometimes we will see it from afar, but sometimes it will rise up like a terrible surprise for which there is no applause. … More Parachute

Ode to the Christ

On starry night an angel’s voice Amidst the forlorn fields; “Don’t weep my children, now rejoice A Saviour soon shall rise.” For all the lost and broken ones, For widows and the lonely, For rich and poor, and weary ones His kindness for their worries. A lamb in nature, robed in light With armour mighty … More Ode to the Christ

Hand Out

Hands are amazing. They give, they receive, they create, they hurt, they heal, they bless, they comfort and they are ours. We are often reminded that we are “the hands and feet” of Christ, something taken from the passages that affirm us as the body of Christ, as His harvesters and as His workers. We … More Hand Out

Horizon Near

  I looked out to horizon, To golden sunlit gates, Across the deepest waters lay The place of all man’s fate. Behind me came a wind, A gentle push of breath, That bid me take a step of faith Obey, and see the rest. So onto stormy sea I stepped Exhilarated gait; That promptly plunged … More Horizon Near

Look Up (poem)

  Look up to the sky, Tell me what do you see? Hello? Are you listening? Do you care about Me? Look up to the sky, Raise your head, do not doubt. Just a tilt to see sunlight, I know all you’re about. Look up to the sky, See how slowly it moves; Yet quickly … More Look Up (poem)