The Pursuit

Sometimes God has to catch my attention. I am running towards His kingdom – that “one thing”, that one hope, that one great desire found in the beauty of His face. Yet in my running, I get tired, distracted, busy and in some seasons, forgetful of the reason for my running. I am living “Martha”, … More The Pursuit

How shall we pray?

There is great conflict in the world, great affliction and suffering, some of which we cannot comprehend. The news is filled with reports of hate, jealousy, murder, wars and betrayal. There is a battle for land, a battle for power and a battle in the spiritual realms. What do we do in this time? How … More How shall we pray?

“I do” to who?

This weekend, my husband and I attended a health update conference. The last speaker spoke about relationships, giving advice about how we could counsel our patients towards lasting relationships and marriages. In the last three weeks, our church has been going through principles for a healthy marriage. There is a large industry committed to relationship … More “I do” to who?