Hand Out

Hands are amazing. They give, they receive, they create, they hurt, they heal, they bless, they comfort and they are ours. We are often reminded that we are “the hands and feet” of Christ, something taken from the passages that affirm us as the body of Christ, as His harvesters and as His workers. We … More Hand Out

Daughter, your faith

In the gospels, there are many stories of Jesus healing people and performing miracles. So numerous are the accounts that the John tells us if they were all written, “even the world itself could not contain the books that would be written”. Some of Jesus’ miracles, however, are recorded in all the gospels and while … More Daughter, your faith


This year has been a year of harvest. I love those times when God’s promises ripen and we get to taste the fruit of His faithfulness, our eyes opened to see His perfect plans worked out. This year has been filled with such fruits. While some ripened throughout the year, others had been ripening for … More Harvest.