To be a witness

Republished with permission from Press Service International, for Christian Today Australia How do we represent Christ in the secular world? In one respect, this is a non-question; the way we live should remain constant as it reveals what we hold true in our hearts. However, we each have different spheres of influence, and different opportunities … More To be a witness

Valuable word

(Republished with permission from Press Service International, for Christian Today Australia)  Words are everywhere. We speak them, write them, study and learn them. They help us to communicate with each other, understand concepts and express ourselves. Words are valuable.   .   .   . A word over our lives God speaks purpose and life-filled words over … More Valuable word

Life Cannot Hide

My husband and I have been nesting. Our house has been completely reorganised and everything is nicely tucked away from future baby’s curious hands (we think). For now, I can still hide that growing little bump, but in a few more weeks it will become more pronounced. Looking at maternity clothes, I realise that life … More Life Cannot Hide

Step into the Light

(Republished with permission from Press Service International, for Christian Today Australia) What are we like under pressure, when there is nowhere to hide? Are we the same whether or not the spotlight of humanity’s torch is focused on us? Do our lives reflect the eternal light of Christ alive in us? We are all witnesses, whether … More Step into the Light

Not big, but faithful

Musicians were praising, ushers welcoming, people singing, and children learning about the Word of God. Prayer was uttered from the hearts and mouths of many, and those doing sign language worshipped just as others lifted up voices. People counted money, wrote sermons and lessons, prepared songs, set up tables, cleaned chairs, and prepared food. So … More Not big, but faithful