It All Comes Back to Love

In the past year and a bit, I have done a fair bit of travelling and spent time with some of the “workers in the field”:

  • Nepal (October 2011) – Gospel for Asia (GFA)
  • Minlaton (March 2012) – The first time I had really gone to the Uniting Church
  • Kansas City (June 2012) – The International House of Prayer (IHOP)
  • France (Dec 2012-Feb 2013/I’m still here :P) – Met a few people from Horizons, and I also visited a local French church


It has been interesting that during these trips in various countries, the very same verses and themes have been highlighted, and even spoken during times of sharing:

  • Fellowship through ONE Spirit
    • This is fellowship that thrives in love despite culture, language, spiritual gifts, different ministries, denominations, different stages of spiritual journeying, age differences [1 Corinthians 12:12-13, Ephesians 2:19-22]
    • The joining of Israel and the Nations together in Christ and the genuine, growing love between Jew and Gentile [Ephesians 3:6]
    • Cultivating intergenerational fellowship and discipleship [Malachi 4:5-6]
  • Living for the Day of the Lord
    • The importance of storing up the oil of intimacy in awaiting the return of the bridegroom [Matthew 25:1-13]
    • Urgency of the time, recognising the signs of the time and knowing how to partner with God in these times [Matthew 24]
    • The Great Commission, and our partnership with God in the fulfilment of His will and His work [Matthew 24:12-14, 28:18-20]
  • The marrying together of Worship, Prayer and Mission
    • This is more something I witnessed and experienced as I spent time with people, churches and mission organisations in the various countries.
    • I believe it is the result of intimacy with Jesus, fellowship through the One Spirit, and understanding of the spiritual atmosphere, and culture of the country.
    • From this foundation, comes the partnership of faith and deeds [James 2:20-22]


It is a real blessing to have these opportunities to hear the visions God has implanted in the hearts of people throughout the world, and to see the fruit of these lives lived in the love of the Saviour. It really seems to me that at this time, God is raising up:

  • People from all nations and languages who are joined together in One Spirit, in Christ Jesus.
  • A church rooted in deep intimacy with Christ, through His word, in prayer and adoration.
  • An army with divine understanding of the Father’s will that will cry out “Let your kingdom come!”


In the end, it all comes back to LOVE:

  • That God loved us so much that He humbled himself and died on the cross for all our sins
  • That He loves us as His bride – that in Christ ALL are joined together through the ONE Spirit, despite different gifts, different testimonies, different ministries on earth
  • That He loves us as His Sons, sharers with Christ in His inheritance
  • We respond to His intimate love with love – love for Him, love for others, and love for the nations


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