The Ring Upon My Finger

There’s a ring upon my finger,
And a seal upon my heart.
A stunning declaration
That He’s loved me from the start.

It’s the promise of a vow,
The authority of a King,
The joy of His salvation,
That causes me to sing.

It’s been given by the Father,
To His lost and hungry child,
A symbol of His grace and love,
Protecting meek and mild.

Guaranteeing an inheritance,
A lifetime with the King,
The ring upon my finger,
Reminds me of these things.

It shines with perfect brightness,
A sign to all the world,
That I am kept in Jesus’ hand,
His life in me unfurled.

The ring upon my finger,
Is the seal upon my heart.
The Holy Spirit promise:
Soon in full, though now in part.

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