Are You Willing to Be Unseen?

“Are you willing to be unseen?”
The Lord asked me one day.
“Are you willing
To be poor in your spirit?”

I remembered those years,
In the past, all those fears,
Was I ready
For this once again?

I remembered as well,
The Lord’s infinite grace,
And the joy
That I had in that place.

Unsurpassable delight,
In the unfailing light
Of His countenance,
His endless embrace.

There is no-one else,
Who could know me this well,
The fullness of time
Cannot capture my life.

Only Christ who has searched me,
Seen, understood me,
And pre-empted
My thoughts and my ways.

So I say, with a smile,
And with peace in my heart
“Yes Lord,
For you know me, and lead me.”

“Make me yours, only yours,
Take me to the secret place,
You and me,
Me and you, evermore.”


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