Revelationary Assignment 2 (and the rest): Selected Treasure Sharing

Seven days are way too short to adequately delve into the treasure-trove of Revelation. In fact, even a lifetime would not be long enough to uncover all the Revelation it gives about Jesus! Some time ago, I wrote about descriptions of Jesus in Revelation 1 (my first assignment in Corey Stark’s free online course – “7 Keys to Revelation”) See:

I wrote a little bit about assignment 3 here:

So, I thought I should finally finish sharing a bit about the rest of the assignments (though I am still learning!). Some parts are not for sharing, but there are bits that can be shared, and I hope that you will benefit from my sharing some of what I have learnt. In the end, these assignments have helped me to understand more of who God is, and what His desires are – how He looks, how He thinks, how He feels, and how He works.

The 7 keys to understanding the Book of Revelation that Corey presents are:

  1. The book of Revelation is all about unveiling the beauty and glory of Jesus Christ
  2. The book of Revelation was simply written to be easily understood by everyone
  3. The Holy Spirit is our teacher in understanding the book of Revelation
    (3.5 –The book of Revelation was written in divine order, not chronologically)
  4. The book of Revelation is meant to be understood literally
  5. The main symbols of Revelation are interpreted within the book itself
  6. The main theme of the book of Revelation is not the persecution of the saints, but Jesus’ victory
  7. The key judgement events in the book of Revelation are yet future

I’m not going to write down all the assignments and teaching notes here so if you want to look at them, visit Corey’s website:

ASSIGNMENT 2: Letters to the 7 Churches

ASSIGNMENT 6a: Comparison of Genesis 1-2, Revelation 21-22
Link to PDF: Genesis 1,2 and Revelation 21,22

ASSIGNMENT 6b: Imagining the New Jerusalem
Imagining the New Jerusalem

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