I remember.

photoEaster almost passed me by this year. I was just off night shifts, back to days, worked on Good Friday, and had a 12-hour shift on Saturday. It was a good week and I enjoyed work, but I was also tired, and I got more exhausted toward the end of the week. I was involved in the evening Good Friday Service, and helped out at church on Easter Sunday. In the midst of work, studies, church and the general busyness of life, the “occasion” of Easter just seemed to flow by. Each day, I was speaking to the Lord and going out to declare His kingdom and love – wherever it was, and whatever it might have looked like for that day. Yet, I was so intent on the battle, I almost forgot to celebrate the victory that has already been won. I have a constant relationship with my Lord, but this Easter, He reminded me to “take a break and remember”. As I woke on Sunday morning, I remembered how God instituted the Sabbath and the Passover, how the Jews still celebrate various festivals to remember the victories they had, through Yahweh, over their enemies. Do not make this Easter just another holiday, or another day at work, but take the time to remember the victory of the cross. We come to God each day, we need Him everyday, but let us also celebrate with one another and take time to remember the victory we already have in Christ!


I remember, Jesus,
How You formed me in the womb.

I remember God,
The one who makes the gardens bloom.

I remember Light,
Proclaiming freedom, bound in grace

I remember Might,
Weakness, caught in Your embrace.

I remember Walking,
In the shadow of Your wings.

I remember how You
Are the King above all kings.

I remember Knowledge,
Spoke a path unto the Son.

I remember how the Son,
Said, “Father, it is done.”

I remember Christ,
You who rose from out the tomb.

I remember that the Father’s
House has many rooms.

I remember You Lord,
Who called me from the grave.

I remember Birth,
When You caused me to be saved.

I remember Shepherd,
Who led and fed me well.

I look to my Bridegroom King,
Come hear the wedding bells.

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