The love of Jesus flooded me,
Like headlights in the dark.
It caught me startled, without guard,
Revealed my lonesome past.

I saw at once my chains, my weights,
Their sweet, deceitful bait.
I looked at Jesus, scent of love,
Surrendered with a fast.

The spotlight fell upon my soul,
I heard my Jesus call.
The beads of light amongst the
Blackened seedlings of the Fall.

And growing in the Son-light,
In the brightness of His face,
Was “them” and “I”, all one in Christ,
Was “we” and “us” and “Thine”

Just one step to surrender,
But a lifetime to enjoy,
The peace of heaven rendered
Down upon my thirsty soul.

I let the spotlight search me,
It revealed my hidden ways.
It brought me emptyhanded now,
Before the Lord of Days.

Eternity He gave me,
With His life – amazing grace.
So cleansed, renewed and strengthened,
I proclaimed I’d run the race.

The spotlight of His word revealed
The safer paths to tread;
The spotlight of His greater truths
Did satisfy like bread.

I never fear the spotlight
Of God’s all-revealing love.
Not blinded now, but made to see
How merciful is He!

IMG_7493 - Copy


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