Look Up (poem)


Look up to the sky,
Tell me what do you see?
Hello? Are you listening?
Do you care about Me?

Look up to the sky,
Raise your head, do not doubt.
Just a tilt to see sunlight,
I know all you’re about.

Look up to the sky,
See how slowly it moves;
Yet quickly day passes.
And is quickly renewed.

Look up to the sky,
Please show me your eyes.
I made the whole earth in them,
Why tell them lies?

Beloved, look up,
As the sun passes by,
Don’t wait till the dust,
Settles down from its height.

Look up, don’t be drawn by
The spotlights and beams.
When painters of papers cease
See, I have reams.

Look up at the sky,
Look up and see Me.
My realm and My kingdom,
My artwork, My fee.

It is free to look up,
Free to traverse my art.
For I made it to show you;
I created your heart.

Look up at the blue,
That reflects oceans deep.
Remember my love,
That all evil, defeats.

Look up at the gold,
That encases the clouds;
And remember the throne
At which every knee bows.

Look up at eternity,
Stretched through the earth.
The horizon of sanctity,
Raining down worth.

Look up little one,
You’re not yet that old.
I don’t want you to miss
When the story unfurls.

Look up at the sky,
See its colours, its hues,
And remember My vision,
My provision for you.


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