Did you see the light?

Did you see the light
Bringing colour out of darkness,
Giving sight to what was blind
And forging figures from the senseless?

Did you see it burn
With an unrelenting flame
Churning fire in the furnace
And unquenchable by rain?

Did you see it grow
As its radiance touched fruit,
And bestowed on them a ripening
An everlasting root?

Did you see the light
That so faithfully is found,
Upon the heights and in the depths,
Where there is noise, and where no sound?

Have you ever thought of stepping
From the darkness into light
Where your deepest secrets lie surrendered
Stripped into plain sight?

Would you consider leaving them
To burn in heaven’s flame;
Refining them to heart of gold
Then to stand there unashamed?

Could you finally be released
To taste this revelation’s wine –
Sprouting fruit of wisdom known
To both the Spirit and the Vine?

Will you seek the flame eternal,
Dare to enter in its heat;
Meet the One who came and gave His life
For heaven’s mercy feat?


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