Horizon Near


I looked out to horizon,
To golden sunlit gates,
Across the deepest waters lay
The place of all man’s fate.

Behind me came a wind,
A gentle push of breath,
That bid me take a step of faith
Obey, and see the rest.

So onto stormy sea I stepped
Exhilarated gait;
That promptly plunged into the depth
Of mankind’s prideful state.

Seeing then a boat nearby
I called out from the seas.
He took me from the water then;
Entangled net, yet free.

Upon the wooden decking
I felt the ocean’s rage,
But calmly steering, hands at wheel
Was Christ at every stage.

Remembering my legs
And drawing from His strength,
I lifted head above the sides
To see love’s lavish length.

Across all lands and waters,
And deeper than earth’s core,
The Saviour’s mark of love, His cross
The glory that He wore.

Then disappeared was He
From steering at the wheel
But still at distance – Radiant,
I saw, and made me still.

A rainbow to remind me,
The song of every heart,
I asked my Lord come in my boat;
“Be near me, don’t depart.”

And soon as breath had parted,
His feet again with mine.
Ship that sailed arrived at once
To destination: His divine.

Horizon once was far, now near
A kingdom hoped now held.
For once I called and Saviour heard,
Now to Him, grace propelled.


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