Tug-O-War: Pulled into Christ

Tug-O-War:  https://lilyofthevalleysk.wordpress.com/2017/03/18/tug-o-war/

“Not my will but Yours.” This is my desire – to walk in step with the Spirit and be attentive to the leading of Christ. Yet even in our relationship with God, there is a degree of give and take, a Tug-O-War of sorts. It shows us our strength and weakness, it shows us the power of God, it helps us to see eternal perspective, and it reveals to us God’s love.


Reading some of Paul’s letters in the Bible, I got this image and wanted to illustrate it. Paul was not afraid to share his struggles and his testimonies. He says in [Romans 7:24-25],

“O wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death? I thank God – through Jesus Christ our Lord! So then, with the mind I myself serve the law of God, but with the flesh the law of sin.”

This is a struggle so many of us face. We want to serve Christ, yet sin tries to undermine our efforts. Yet, I remember this – that it is by GRACE that we are saved, and this is the gift of God [Ephesians 2:8].

This short illustration reminds me of some of the things I love and know about Jesus:

  • His scarlet cord of salvation is extended to us though the blood He shed on the cross. – [Isaiah 53:5]
  • Jesus is always facing us, even when we pull away from Him. – [Psalm 139:7-10]
  • We can never we taken out of His hand. – [John 10:27-28]
  • He lets us choose, but is never far away and, when we fall, He pulls up back up and into His arms. –[Deuteronomy 31:6]
  • Sometimes we think we see a clear path for ourselves, but God’s ways and His thoughts are higher than our own. – [Isaiah 55:8-9]
  • In Christ in a river that gives everlasting life. – [Revelation 22:1-2]
  • I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine. – [Song of Songs 6:3]


The Scarlet Cord

Through Your blood, You have saved us. From the beginning of time, You knew Your plan for salvation. When Adam fell, You had already planned redemption. You humbled Yourself to become obedient on that cross, poured out Your life unto death, descended to the grave only to defeat it. Though we rejected You, You continued to throw us the lifeline of Your cross – the scarlet cord of salvation that cleanses us and restores us to You. You urge us to take hold of that which You took hold of for us, and You pull us towards You always.

The Devotion of Christ

Lord, You are devoted. You chase me day after day until I turn to You. You never give up, but you follow me even to the darkest places. You created me in Your image, and remember that I was made to worship You. Give me doves eyes. Let my heart be devoted to You. Let me gaze into the lovingkindness of Your eyes, and seek You more every day.

The Faithfulness of Christ

You are mighty to save, faithful in character. When You say You will never leave us, that is true. When You say You will never forsake us, that is true. You know us well, and You never let us bear more than we can carry. Instead, You bear the burdens for us. We are cast down but not destroyed because You have promised that we can never be taken out of Your hand. You set our feet on solid ground, and You help us to see You in all things.

The Love of Christ

Like a river, like the ocean, like the sky, like the mountains – Your love is splendid, eternal, greater than our eyes can comprehend. You are the Father who allows us to explore, but watches over us and delights in our discoveries. You are the Bridegroom who eagerly awaits the day His church is made ready and radiant. You are God, whose love knows no ends, and no boundaries. You are Creator who because of love, restored creation into the glory You had purposed for it. Your love overcomes, it overwhelms, and it moves nations to worship.

I Will Submit

Lord, I trust You. I know Your ways are higher than my ways, Your thoughts higher than my thoughts. I know You have a perfect plan for each person, and a perfect plan for this world. I know Your word never fails, and that it accomplishes everything that You have planned for it to do. You are my strength in my strength, and You are my strength even in my weakness. I will not boast except for in You, because You are worthy of all praise, and there is none to rival Your power. I take off the clothes of my old life, and put on Christ. I will submit to You, God Almighty, for You are my God and my Lord.

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