Celebrating Christ

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Christmas is coming. Pudding is already on the supermarket shelves, trademark music is playing. Pageants, markets, fairs and craft events are all celebrating the festive season.

Perhaps it is the added anticipation of baby’s first Christmas that has made the advertising more attractive this year; I started putting up decorations around the house! Thinking about the presents, Santa appearances and advent calendars being so heavily marketed, there is yet One who stands both enthroned and hidden.

Christ – some delegate Him to children’s stories of nativity; others consider Him irrelevant to the celebrations of hope and joy.

“Who do you say that I am?”

Christmas is coming, and it’s not just about festivities and gifts. The Messiah was born one starry night, and He lives today. So as Christmas approaches, let us celebrate and adore Christ our Saviour!

6 Weeks to Christmas: LOVE (John 3:16)
6 weeks of illustrated verses that remind us of why we celebrate the birth of Christ

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