6 Years: Treasured Seasons

6. Candy

In the last five months, we have had the privilege and joy of traversing the path of parenthood. As with every new season, we look forward to experiencing new joys and navigating new challenges.


.   .   .

Seasons past, seasons to come


The family of God is an incredible household to observe. Within our local church, there are people at all stages of life: infants in their innocence, youth in their zeal, and older ones in their wisdom and quiet confidence.

What an encouragement it is for us to see people of all ages and life circumstances worshipping God! It reminds us of the journey we have growing in God-given faith, wisdom and trust!

Right now, we are learning to cultivate our relationship with God through the busyness of parenthood. Looking back at our time before baby, we appreciate the different opportunities we had to minister and bless others. We treasure the things we were able to do then, but we also embrace the new opportunities we have as parents to walk in faith and shine for Christ.

Looking ahead, we are inspired by nonnas and nonnos who have grasped the meaning of eternity with Christ. They waste no opportunity to love those around them, but also speak so comfortably about nearing the end of their lives on earth. Their focus: to glorify God, reach as many as possible with the good news while on earth, and to joyfully build up the next generation to continue proclaiming the kingdom of God.

Every season has its purpose and we know God can use us at any age and in every life circumstance.


.   .   .

From spouse to parent


A friend thoughtfully asked us what had changed in our marriage since becoming parents. It was a good question to reflect on and we are sure the answer will develop more and more as we learn to walk alongside each other as both “husband, wife”, and “dada, mama”.

Becoming a parent feels like a greater change than getting married. As husband and wife, we learnt to surrender and be flexible, to raise each other up and to support one another in our individual God-given callings. As dad and mum, that surrender and flexibility has been more severely tested.

“With baby here, we really need each other,” Hubby says. Parenthood, with its lack of sleep and constant busyness, has made our weaknesses much more apparent. We have needed to rely on and trust each other more, to choreograph our teamwork so that things get done, to encourage and appreciate each other more intentionally. We have also learnt humility in accepting help, and realising our physical and emotional limitations.

At the same time, our capacity for love and joy has been increased. We love seeing our baby girl explore the world around her and discover what she can do. We love celebrating the tinniest discoveries she makes, and her tears certainly move us to action! Our hearts are so joyful when she smiles and speaks to us and we are reminded of the love God has for us, how He says – “I love you because you are you.”

Parenthood has highlighted our need to depend on God, and given us a renewed sense of how wonderful His mercy is! It has given us fresh revelation of the Father’s incredible love for us, and of the miracles He does in our lives everyday.


.   .   .

Character building


As baby continues to grow, we will have many opportunities to continue growing in character; to practice patience, mercy, self-control and courage. Knowing that baby will be influenced by how she sees us live our daily lives makes us more aware of our habits, both the good ones and the bad ones. Ultimately, we want her to know the all-encompassing, ever-faithful love of Christ.

As we look forward to the years ahead and learning to come, we are encouraged that God leads the way, and inspired by the testimonies of our family in Christ.  Together in marriage and parenthood, and in every season of life, our goal remains – that Christ would be the centre of our lives, and our first love.

“For the Lord is good;
His mercy is everlasting,
And His truth endures to all generations.”

(Psalm 100:5)


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