I’m in the Lord’s Army

(Republished with permission from Press Service International, for Christian Today Australia)

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A war wages constantly in heart, mind and spirit; a battle where strength and will fall quickly to the power of hope and faith. Surrender here does not mean failure.

A classic children’s song declares:

“I may never match in the infantry,
Ride in the calvary,
Shoot the artillery.
I may never zoom o’er the enemy,
But I’m in the Lord’s army!”

On this spiritual battlefield, how do we fight?

.   .   .

The Lord’s Infantry

Joshua chapter 6 recounts the Lord’s instructions to Israel regarding the defeat of Jericho. The Israelites marched around the city of Jericho for seven days with the ark of the covenant behind the armed men. On the last day, Israel circled the city seven times. On their last round, the trumpets sounded, the people shouted, the seemingly impassable wall of Jericho fell down, and Israel had victory over their enemies.

The Lord’s infantry marches in step with the presence of God. We march with the confidence that God will do the impossible, and with the assurance that God is for His people. We are not afraid to engage in close combat but courageously move forward in the Name of our God.

We might march silently, but the trumpets of God’s presence remind us that we are never alone. We can choose to march through life in obedience to God’s word, knowing that He always has our back.

“Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the LORD your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.”” (Deuteronomy chapter 31, verse 6)


.   .   .

The Lord’s Calvary

Calvary were powerful in times of war. The speed and height advantage of mounted soldiers lent them a better ability to overcome their enemies.

The Lord’s calvary ride on horses of freedom, love and joy. We can cross every terrain and are carried over the pits and rocks of fear, despair and persecution. We rush forward with the sound of worship, overcomers of all things because of the Name we bear.

When we cannot walk, it is God who carries us. He carries all our anxieties, our regrets, and our sins. In Christ, we can mount up on freedom and grace to see circumstances changed. He already has the victory, and He directs our paths in it.

“The horse is made ready for the day of battle
But the victory belongs to the Lord.”
(Proverbs chapter 21, verse 31)


.   .   .

The Lord’s Artillery

In a battle, artillery can be used at a distance to attack an enemy and destroy their walls. When it comes to spiritual warfare, God’s artillery breaks down every stronghold and barrier. Nothing is beyond His power and grace. Nothing is impossible for Him. Nothing can prevent Him from keeping His promises to His people; that salvation, freedom and joy would be theirs.

Hebrews chapter 11 recounts the far-reaching effects of faith. Noah’s faith resulted in the building of an ark which saved his household and the animals from the flood. Abraham and Sarah’s faith saw them conceive a child in their old age, the beginning of the nation of Israel. Moses’ faith liberated Israel from Egyptian oppression, and Rahab’s faith saw her become part of the Messiah’s family line.

In the book of Isaiah, God says this:

“… my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” (Isaiah chapter 54, verse 11)

Each of us, by faith, can believe the promises of God in our lives and see strongholds broken in His Name. No fear, no doubt, and no trouble on earth can withstand the power of the Name of Jesus cried out in faith.


.   .   .

The Lord’s Victory

The chorus of Bethel’s “The Victory is Yours” declares:

The victory is Yours
You’re riding on the storm
Your name is unfailing
Though kingdoms rise and fall
Your throne withstands it all
Your name is unshaken

We have been called and equipped to fight for hope and justice in our world, but we have also been called simply to love God. When we trust Him and call upon His Name, He answers and lives are transformed. No power, no authority, and no kingdom can stand before Him.

We are in the Lord’s army, and He is our victory.


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