7 Years: Secret Intimacy

. . .

Some moments are too special to share, but they influence our hearts and lives most significantly. As we celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary, I am all the more aware of the intimacy we have within our family relationships, and the intimacy we enjoy in relationship with Christ.

As we experience joy in these hidden moments, we also see more clearly the different values and priorities God desires for our lives.

. . .

Things to treasure

We have an abundance of photos and videos capturing special family moments. Yet these written and visual journals cannot capture the hidden moments we will forever treasure in our hearts. These are family moments not shared with others; hidden, sometimes even brief moments that register an indescribable wonder and joy in our hearts.

I wonder, as I treasure my own family moments, how Mary must have felt watching Jesus grow. She knew He was the Messiah, and she got to enjoy His human childhood while marvelling at the Godly nature within Him.

The shepherds visited after seeing angels praise God and the wise men brought gifts. At the temple, a godly man named Simeon, having revelation from the Holy Spirit that he would see Messiah before his death, recognised baby Jesus as the Lord’s Christ. The prophetess Anna also recognised Jesus as the Saviour when he was presented at the temple, and some years later at the census, the young Jesus was found teaching in His Father’s house. All these things occurred well before Jesus’ public ministry but, as the Bible records, Mary treasured and pondered then in her heart (Luke chapter 2).

In a world that loves to share and boast, we are learning to treasure hidden moments and hidden seasons with joy and thanksgiving.

. . .

In waiting, with honour

One day, our little girl will grow up. We can t wait to see what God has in store for her as she grows and matures! There are seasons in our lives as a couple and as parents that we have not yet experienced. There are desires in our heart not yet fulfilled, but we know God had a time and a place for them that is just perfect.

In the meantime, we wait. We embrace the now, we prepare for what is to come, and we are thankful for those who have gone before. We take every opportunity to learn from the older and wiser, the ones who have walked through trouble and grieving, the ones who have maintained joy in Christ through all things, those who have never given up on hope. 

In a world that says ‘me first’, we are learning how to honour others.

. . .

Intimacy in the secret place

Some things are for sharing, and some things are for the secret place. In understanding the treasure of hidden family time, we have grown to understand just how valuable time spent alone with God is.

Jesus Christ often withdrew to lovely places. People did not hear or witness the bulk of his prayers. He waited 30 years before stepping into public ministry.

Matthew chapter 6, verse 6 says:

“But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.”

The reward, these treasures in heaven, are more than possessions. They are are the reward of intimacy in relationship, of knowing God, of confidence in who He is and in who He has made us to be.

In a world that likes to perform, we are learning to value spending time in the secret place.

I’m running to the secret place
Where You are, where You are
I sing to You of all the ways
You stole my heart, stole my heart

Better is a moment that I spend with You
Than a million other days away
I’m running, I’m running
I’m running to the secret place

(Lyrics from “The Secret Place” by Phil Wickham)

Lord, help our family to love you and love each other more each day. Help us not to focus on show, but to value and prioritise time with You and with one another.

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