5. Christian Today Articles

Archive of Christian Today articles by Kristen Dang (Press Service International)


11/05/20 – A greater purpose

06/04/20 – Valuable word

02/03/20 – I’m in the Lord’s army

27/01/20 – The scam of sin



02/12/19 – Unrepayable

29/10/19 – Learning patience

24/09/19 – Faith for the tired mama

22/08/19 – Everyone has a superpower

22/07/19 – Carrying life

18/06/19 – Clarity in vision

13/05/19 – Following the painter

08/04/19 – Embracing the church

04/03/19 – We still need faith

28/01/19 – Finding God in the clutter



13/12/18 – Always on call

05/11/18 – Step into the light

02/10/18 – He placed the ring on my finger

30/09/18 – What if God?

23/07/18 – Welcome to the house of God

18/06/18 – Saving Life

16/05/18 –  Spontaneity and persistence in the pursuit of God

10/04/18  –  He wants us: escaping the grip of the world

05/03/18  –  Story of the Sunflower

30/01/18  –  A Grace-full Mistake


13/12/17  –  Stepping into the New



An Internship with Jesus © (eBook)

An Internship with Jesus Cover

Written by Dr. Kristen Dang

Through her first year of work at the hospital, Kristen shares the lessons she has learnt from God. These seven short chapters address issues such as the identity of Christians in the workforce, seeking God in times of busyness, managing priorities and work-church-life balance. Why am I here? Should I pray for patients? How can I be like Joseph and Daniel in the world today? We have an eternal goal, but responsibilities to fulfil on earth as we eagerly await Jesus’ return and the fullness of His Kingdom. The opportunities to share the gospel and witness for Christ in the marketplace are ever growing, so take hold of them now!

  •      Title: An Internship with Jesus
  •      Author: Dr. Kristen Dang
  •      Format: Adobe PDF e-book, Amazon kindle edition
  •      First Published: December 2014
  •      Pages: 14 (PDF Version), 21 (Amazon kindle edition)
  •      Price: USD$0.49 (PDF version), or AU$1.22/USD$ 0.99 (Amazon kindle edition)

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“An Internship with Jesus” ***

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3 thoughts on “5. Christian Today Articles

  1. Thank you for writing this! I will be graduating from Medical School in a few months and have been asking many of the same questions. I’m encouraged to read your thoughts on living as Daniel’s and Joseph’s. (BTW, I also connected with the Joseph Company from IHOPKC and was greatly encouraged. Blessings!

  2. That’s great to hear! I went to the Joseph Company Marketplace conference when I was in my 5th year of medical school (ours is a 6 year course) – I was just sharing with some people from there about what has happened since then. They had encouraged me, kick-started my thinking about all these things, and prayed for me when I was there! All the best for your last few months of medical school!! Congratulations in advance! 🙂

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