“I do” to who?

This weekend, my husband and I attended a health update conference. The last speaker spoke about relationships, giving advice about how we could counsel our patients towards lasting relationships and marriages. In the last three weeks, our church has been going through principles for a healthy marriage. There is a large industry committed to relationship … More “I do” to who?

Love and Humility: Two Lessons in Wedding Preparation

Tomorrow is December 1st, 2013 – wedding day. More importantly, it will be day one of the journey Jerry and I will travel together in marriage. In the last nine months, we’ve been preparing both for the wedding, and for our marriage in Christ. All the preparation, the struggling and the decisions were not in … More Love and Humility: Two Lessons in Wedding Preparation

Friends of the Bridegroom: A Wedding Guestlist

Guestlists. If you’ve ever planned a 21st, or a wedding, or any other significant function, you may be aware of the dynamic discussions it can sometimes inspire. Who do you invite? And why? Does inviting one person really mean you have to invite 10 other people? Will they be offended? Does that matter? What’s the … More Friends of the Bridegroom: A Wedding Guestlist

The Bridegroom’s Vow

The Bridegroom’s Vow The everlasting covenant between Jesus Christ (the bridegroom) and His Church (the bride) Kristen Tee (2012) A Shadow of Eternity What is your favourite moment when you attend a wedding? What do you remember the most? Is it the face of the groom when he sees his beloved bride walk through the door, … More The Bridegroom’s Vow