Who you are (poem)

 A voice like a harp,
Sounded in my heart;
A song of rejoicing,
A serenade of praise.
It outlined its mark,
On the page of my heart,
A choir of joy,
Carried on but a phrase.

He said, “Child I love you,
My daughter, My One.
My love is made perfect,
My splendor, its sum,
In the way that you live,
In the way that you love,
You are beautiful now,
And in heaven, endowed”

“You make Me glad,
When you sing out My songs,
When you dance at My throne,
And your gaze meets My own.
Your joy is My joy,
Your crown is My crown,
Your beauty, My glory,
That lifts up your brow.”

“You still make Me glad,
When you stumble, and fall,
In the way you keep trying,
Holding hand out to call.
You know I will take it,
You know I won’t fail
You know that I’ll rescue,
Raise you still up to stand.”

“You touch my heart,
When you touch their hearts,
When you stand, unafraid
To call out My Name,
When you fall, under grace
And cry out, all the same;
When you encourage a brother,
And give orphans a father.”

“I’m overwhelmed with joy,
To see the joy in you,
When you reap the first grain,
Of the harvest anew,
When you labour and toil,
Foresee the new season,
And never lose sight
Of My omnipotent reason”

“I am first in Your heart,
I can see it, I know.
I know all your dreams
Your plans and your goals.
I know that you love me,
Through the sands of your struggle.
And My Spirit will help you
Overcome any trouble.”

“Yes, I know all your weakness,
I saw through that pride,
I knocked aside jealousy,
Saw the pearl of love’s stride.
Don’t hide it, My daughter,
Don’t waste it, My son,
But show me your face,
Don’t resist my embrace.”

“Don’t doubt anymore,
I have calmed the storm,
But walk with Me on water,
Give faith its true form.
Trust Me, beloved,
Enjoy Me, My bride,
Eternity’s preparing,
For our union to tie.”

When you hear God say, “Loved one”,
When He calls you His own,
When He loves and restores you,
Raises up your dry bones,
Can you still forget?
Can you still run away?
When He offers inheritance,
In the kingdom He owns?

He says, “Hear My voice,
Feel the pull of my call.
Have all of me,
And see yet, I have more.
See and believe,
Know I’ll never be far,
Be changed now, and live
I declare who you are.”


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