Introducing “An Internship with Jesus”

An Internship with Jesus CoverI have just published my first eBook, “An Internship with Jesus”. It was not specifically planned, it just happened. In the last couple of weeks, I have had my annual leave. For the first part of it, I visited my husband at his country workplace, mostly spending the evenings with him when he came back from work. Daytime up there was my little retreat time, a space to relax, be still before God, and be free of all the extra things I would have otherwise thought about back in Adelaide. I did some good Christmas shopping, sent off our Christmas newsletters, and also had time to just sit with God and with His word. It was good! Over those couple of days, I found myself thinking about the lessons God has taught me as I have worked through my internship at the hospital. I wanted to write them down – to reflect on these things, and to thank Him for leading me all this time. So, I began to write, and the pages filled out.


At the end of my little retreat, I had completed this little booklet, which I shared with my husband and my family. I was encouraged to make it into an eBook which, in itself, was a new experience – making a cover, subtitles, descriptions, formatting and identifying a market audience. I showed my pastor at church who said it was always encouraging to hear testimonies of how God uses us in the workplace, and that these were moments that I should document and share. All of this got me thinking about what it means to share the good things God shows you, and at the same time, keep a secret place with Him. One of my questions to those providing feedback was whether or not I really had to be specific in sharing various examples – for example, whether it was really necessary for me to put down what my time commitments were if I was sharing about how I managed them. The general consensus was that I did need to give some detail for these examples, but that there was a way I could do this and keep my secret place with God. I want people to hear the word of God and to live it out. I also know that people are interested in testimony because it is something they can identify with and see. If I do anything, I want to know that it is what God wants me to do, that He will be glorified in it. He is the one who works in me to will and to do for His good pleasure [Philippians 2:13].


IMG_5682As it turned out, I then had another reason to publish this book and make it available. I was invited to attend and share at a gathering of junior doctors. It would be a time to meet and fellowship before the new working year began, to discuss what it meant to live out our faith and our mission in the workplace of medicine. It was a confirmation to me that such a book could be useful and encouraging to others. So, in the next week and a half, I prepared my manuscript for publication. It was much more work that I expected, but along with practical skills, I learnt a few things about marketing, testimony and hiddenness (more on this journey later). I didn’t expect that this was what God has in store for my annual leave, but here I am, experiencing something new with Him again, and I love it! As much as God takes me out of my comfort zone often, He is always faithful and I am ready to work with Him in facing every new challenge as I grow more in Him. It has definitely been a year of growing my gifts – in music, at work, and in my writing. Thank you God for giving me these opportunities to grow, thank you Jesus for being my best buddy in them, and thank you Holy Spirit for guiding me through it all!

*** Please click on the following link to see more about “An Internship with Jesus”. You can purchase a PDF copy directly off my blog (USD$ 0.49), or a kindle edition via

2 thoughts on “Introducing “An Internship with Jesus”

  1. Thank you for sharing! It was more encouraging than you could know. This fall and winter, God has gently prompted me in that direction — a book on His work in my workplace. Now I see how He is at work with you, and I am greatly encouraged.

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