The Christmas Story

Christmas is almost here, so I want to share a song and a story with you. Click the following link to view the song (The Christmas Story – K.Dang 2014, feat. Simon Vivian on bass guitar):

Verse 1:

Have you heard the Christmas story
Of the child laid in the straw
How the wise men came
They worshipped Him
Gave Him gifts of myrrh and gold

Have you heard of Mary’s prayer
How she sang a song of praise
Saying “Oh my soul
Magnifies the Lord
And my spirit rejoices in Him”


Saviour, Redeemer
Came to save us
Prince of Peace
Who brings us to
The loving arms of God

Who guards our hearts
And leads us, by streams of water
Lamb of God, and Great High Priest
He paid the price for us

Verse 2:
Have you heard the shepherds glory,
In the One, the Christ of God
How a host of angels
Praising God proclaimed
“Peace, goodwill” to men

Did you know of how they hurried
To the manger with the Babe
And how Mary saw
And kept all these things
To ponder in her heart


Have you heard of how the Child grew
Strong in Spirit and in Word
How He promised that the Spirit
Would fill our hearts anew

Did you know He is Messiah
Son of God who lives on high
Have you heard Him say, “I want you
To be with me where I am”


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