God takes our unfulfilled desires and transforms them in His joy. He hears, He answers and He blesses beyond what we can imagine. Hannah was a woman who experienced disappointment and hurt, but saw God come through for her in an amazing way. She asked for a baby, and God gave her more. He opened … More H A N N A H

Could it be joy?

Shepherd to hero, fugitive to king, greatly loved but also greatly disciplined, at peace and at war; this was the life of King David. It always amazes me to look at David’s life, marvel at the stressors he must have experienced, and yet see the joy and hope he maintained in God. Alongside David, Paul … More Could it be joy?

Nathaniel’s Find

Nathaniel, also known as Bartholomew, was one of Jesus’ twelve disciples. The Bible records how Jesus found many of the other disciples and said to them “Follow me.” Nathaniel’s story, however, is a little different. [John 1:43-51] tells us what happened. Jesus finds Phillip who accepts the invitation to follow Him. Phillip then finds Nathaniel … More Nathaniel’s Find

How will we live?

It is coming up to election time and I am thinking about how I can declare “Let Your kingdom come,” here in my nation. The Bible shows us many examples of believers who served God well in their nation – Moses, Joseph, Daniel, Elijah, Esther, Ezra, Nehemiah, Stephen. They may have had different roles, different … More How will we live?

Firstborn P1: Protecting our Heavenly Birthright

Q: What do Ishmael, Esau and Reuben all have in common? A: They were all firstborns who did not receive their allotted inheritance. The Bible makes mention of many firstborns, most notably Christ – firstborn in His family, firstborn of all creation, and firstborn from the dead. It also tells the stories of many other … More Firstborn P1: Protecting our Heavenly Birthright