Resilient Hope

Everyone has a story – a moment, or a series of moments, which define their present situation. Their situation influences their life, and their life resonates their heart. We are surrounded by people everyday, and during my days in general practice, I have really appreciated what is in each person’s story. People are resilient. That … More Resilient Hope

The Last Nights

The waking world greeted me as I emerged from the recesses of the hospital’s emergency department. I walked out alone against the flow of beginning workers – people in uniforms, the sleepy-eyed and yawning, the fresh-faced, already showered gym enthusiasts, and the patients tousled from a sleepless night. It had been raining and the air … More The Last Nights


I have been looking forward to my month of nights covering the pediatric ward and it hasn’t disappointed. There’s something really special about being awake and engaged with the Lord at night. So many people in the Bible had incredible encounters with God at night – Daniel received many visions, and Samuel said, “Here I … More Nightwatch