Following the Painter

(Republished with permission from Press Service International, for Christian Today Australia) Instructional videos are everywhere. You can search the internet for DIYs and tutorials on almost anything nowadays; cooking, sewing, workout routines, painting. Some people follow the instructions meticulously, while others make their own adjustments to alter the finished product. New skills are learnt, ideas are … More Following the Painter

The Forgiveness Trek

The journey might be arduous, repetitive, and sometimes forced, but the road to forgiveness gives a worthwhile reward. .   .   . Start the Trek We recently watched the movie, “I Can Only Imagine” at church. Based upon his real-life testimony, the movie shows how Bart Millard sees his abusive father come to know Jesus, and … More The Forgiveness Trek

Awake My Soul

It had been a tiring week but now it was Friday and in the last few days, I had managed to catch up on some sleep. Rain was forecasted for later in the day but the morning boasted blue skies and cotton-white wisps of clouds. Feeling somewhat refreshed and ready for the day, I began … More Awake My Soul

Embracing the Church

(Republished with permission from Press Service International, for Christian Today Australia)  How do we see the church? An institution, a people, political entity, place of healing, place of hurt, place of God’s presence, His bride? The church has been called many things, associated with both good and bad. In light of all this, how are we … More Embracing the Church

Grace and Boundaries

Walking the line between freely given grace, and the practicalities of boundaries can seem like walking a tightrope. We want to love, bless and forgive with abundance, but to do so without wisdom or understanding can instead cause harm. We need boundaries to protect us and to be efficient in life, but being too strict … More Grace and Boundaries