Blessed Prayer (a poem)

Prayer never goes unanswered and this week, I saw God answer every prayer swiftly and clearly with His word. This poem is a little testimony, and a little altar to His ever-faithful response as we call upon His Name.

2016 Rose of Sharon-white

The whisper of a seeded thought,
The breath of heaven’s life;
That wanders into fallowed heart
To straighten paths awry.

The gratitude of fruiting buds,
The sorrow of the drought,
The rainbow after flooding rains,
Brings wind of heaven’s Name.

The well of answered prayer so deep,
The bottom can’t be seen.
Yet every bucket heaved to sight,
Filled wholly to the rim.

The blessed prayer that rises,
Like the incense of the priests;
The fire on the altar,
Lit by fervent faithful Eves.

The Adam of the new accord,
Listens to His wife.
Blesses as He holds her prayer;
Her fairness here unfolds.

Like Moses’ struggling arms held high,
Like David’s kingly rod,
The power of this blessed prayer,
The beauty in its flare.

Upon the sickbed ruins,
Or in the harvest joy,
Palatial grace builds strong our Help,
To melt grief’s stubborn ploy.

The sackcloth and the rainbow cloak,
Paired two and one the same,
In blessed prayer and melody,
The song of heaven’s reign.

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