Look Up (poem)

  Look up to the sky, Tell me what do you see? Hello? Are you listening? Do you care about Me? Look up to the sky, Raise your head, do not doubt. Just a tilt to see sunlight, I know all you’re about. Look up to the sky, See how slowly it moves; Yet quickly … More Look Up (poem)


The love of Jesus flooded me, Like headlights in the dark. It caught me startled, without guard, Revealed my lonesome past. I saw at once my chains, my weights, Their sweet, deceitful bait. I looked at Jesus, scent of love, Surrendered with a fast. The spotlight fell upon my soul, I heard my Jesus call. … More Spotlight


Jesus sat on the swing. His white robe billowed as He rose and fell, up and down, a constant metronome in beat with His Father’s musical heart. I watched Him as He swung so steadily, so purposefully, and so gracefully – rising and falling, up and down. His eyes were fixed on the horizon, his … More Swing