Magnifying Glass

The lens passed over word and type, A wave of big and small. Excited now, the smallest fought, To gain perspective tall. The “T”s on tiptoe, “J”s down low, The “W”s spread their arms. And in the corner, just a speck – Fullstop. Raised its alarm. The voice arrested, took a pause, Through torrents of … More Magnifying Glass


The room was dark, yet familiar, and a heavy smell of loneliness soaked its marbled floor. In the corner, a young woman contemplated her adversary. Darkness – but where was light? Her mind was locked in a hazy maze of “where” and “why”. Curiosity left unfulfilled by too many answers. Identity, confused by too many … More Adalia

Envisioning Eden

Eden is a name of emotion – beauty beyond our understanding, sin with roots and consequence entrenched in man’s being, fear of the Lord, and fervent desire for His presence. The breath of Eden radiates intimacy, curiosity, consequence, and yet promise. You can almost hear God weeping as man is exiled from His garden, and … More Envisioning Eden

I remember.

Easter almost passed me by this year. I was just off night shifts, back to days, worked on Good Friday, and had a 12-hour shift on Saturday. It was a good week and I enjoyed work, but I was also tired, and I got more exhausted toward the end of the week. I was involved … More I remember.

The Timekeeper

A dream scurried past the little boy, and he turned to catch up with it. It was like a flash of sun with the fragrance of woodland park, and a faint impression of fun-filled laughter. He raced along through darkened mist, but it did not frighten him. All along, He could see the glow of … More The Timekeeper