The Timekeeper

A dream scurried past the little boy, and he turned to catch up with it. It was like a flash of sun with the fragrance of woodland park, and a faint impression of fun-filled laughter. He raced along through darkened mist, but it did not frighten him. All along, He could see the glow of … More The Timekeeper

How Much More

There are so many emotions of the human heart, so many desires and experiences which influence our decisions and lifestyle. Sometimes the choices are easy, and at other times, the narrow path of holiness is difficult to take. Yet, in the midst of temptation and trial, we have a great High Priest, Jesus, who was … More How Much More

Woman at the Well

(A retelling of John 4) Another day, like any other day. The house is already swept clean, well, it usually is. There isn’t really anyone around to make a mess. There’s no light chatter, no rough voices, no encouraging cries. No, it’s not noisy at home; it’s just a house with a roof that contains … More Woman at the Well